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Nantlle Railway - Plas Dinas 

Map of Nantlle Railway in Plas Dinas area
Having crossed the WHR the route dives into a deep wooded cutting,  the entrance to which is rather inconspicuous, only  just visible on the right.
Ahead is Plas Dinas bridge.
View looking back from within the cutting
Ahead in the cutting lies the entrance to Plas Dinas tunnel which takes the line under the Plas Dinas driveway. Drystone walls line the sides of the cutting, and a stream flows at its foot
The tunnel remains intact, although the original stone portal has collapsed at this end. The Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales records the tunnel as being 45.10 metres long, 2.45m wide and approximately 1.75m high, although silt from the stream has reduced the headroom over the years. It is brick lined and still in remarkably good condition
In the distance  the cutting curves round to the left towards the WHR again. The stone  portal at the north end still stands and is in relatively good condition.
When looking back towards  Dinas, the north end of the cutting can just be seen on the left here behind the fence rails. The line crosses  the WHR at this point, but is well below the WHR level.  Plas Dinas bridge is visible in the distance. 

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All pictures David Tidy 2012