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Journal - Issues 1 to 10

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Back issues are available to purchase either as photocopies or sometimes as originals.  The format is A4 and the majority of issues are eight pages, though occasionally they stretch to twelve and just once (WHH No. 42) to sixteen pages. 

Prices: -   Nos 1-40 are 1 each,   Nos 41 onward are 2 each.   

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WHH No 1 Nov 1997
Waunfawr Station;
WHR Tickets (i);
Station Signs;
Aims of the Group
WHH No 2 Mar 1998
Dinas; 1922;
Spooner Graves;
NWNG Station Buildings; WHR Chronology 1922; WHR Tickets (ii);
WHH No 3 Aug 1998
NWNG Bridges;
Mystery at Pitt’s Head; Hafod Garregog & Ynysferlas;
WHR Chronology 1923; Bryngwyn Walk; Letters
WHH No 4 Jan 1999
Caernarvon Extension 1923;
From the Archives; Letters
WHH No 5 June 1999
NWNG Bridges;
WHR Halts (i);
WHR Chronology 1924; Demolition Trains 1941;
A WHR Memory; Letters
WHH No 6 Oct 1999
Waunfawr; Tryfan Jctn;
WHR Halts (ii);
WHR Chronology 1925; From the Archives; Some PB&SSR Observations; WHR Reminiscences;
What the Guide Books Said;   NWNG Bridges
WHH No 7 Feb 2000
Waenfawr Coal Yard;
Goat Hotel Sale 1903; WHR Halts;
WHR Water Tanks;
FR Lease;
WHR Chronology 1926; Inspection Report 1926
WHH No 8 June 2000
WHR Paperwork;
Glanrafon Quarry;
Gowrie C. Atchison; Portmadoc New Station; South Snowdon Postcard Research;
WHH No 9 Oct 2000
Return of Russell;
Buffet Car; WHR Chronology 1927;
Tryfan Junction; Letters; Inspection Report 1926
WHH No 10 Dec 2000
Betws Garmon Bow Bridge;
Of Harps & Buses;
Betws Garmon Sheepdog Trials; WHR Coaches; Vanwil Oil Co;
WHR Chronology 1928; Bryngwyn Goods

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