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Journal - Issues 11 to 20

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Back issues are available either as photocopies or sometimes as originals.  The format is A4 and the majority of issues are eight pages, though occasionally they stretch to twelve and just once (WHH No. 42) to sixteen pages. 

Prices: -   Nos 1-40 are 1 each,   Nos 41 onward are 2 each.   

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WHH No 11 Mar 2001
Museum Plans; Glanrafon Viaduct;
WHR Goods;
Quarry Feeders;
Coal to Beddgelert;
WHR Chronology 1929; Beddgelert Accident 1925
WHH No 12 June 2001
Bridges; Dinas;
1910 OS Maps;
Early Days at Beddgelert; WHR Goods; Derailments;
WHR Chronology 1930; Wartime Relics;
Coach Numbering
WHH No 13 Sep 2001
NWNG Structures;
Early Days on the NWNGR;
Freight to Beddgelert; WHR Chronology 1931; 100 Years Ago (i); Glanrafon Viaduct;
OS Maps
WHH No 14 Dec 2001
NWNGR Gates;
WHR Love Affair;
WHR Chronology 1932; Bryngwyn Branch;
100 Years Ago (ii);
WHR Journey 2001;
The JK Page;
Land at Beddgelert
WHH No 15 Mar 2002
Bryngwyn Footpath; Bryngwyn Branch; Caernarfon Extension; Glanrafon Quarry; Tickets;
WHR Chronology 1933; Parcel Stamps
WHH No 16 June 2002
Snowdon Ranger Signal; Dinas;
The Little Railway; Dudley Park Quarry; Beddgelert Water Supply;
Beddgelert Porters
WHH No 17 Sep 2002
Demolition Train 1941; Electrify the PB&SSR; WHR Chronology 1934; Buffet Car;
Rhos Clogwyn Quarry; Russell;
Cwm Cloch Estate
WHH No 18 Dec 2002
WHR Archives;
South Snowdon Station; Mr Limerick’s Weighing Machine;
WHR Chronology 1935; Glanrafon Quarry;
WHR Photographers; Hugh Unsworth McKie
WHH No 19 Mar 2003
Disaster at Snowdon Ranger;
Weighbridges & Weigh houses;
South Snowdon; Clogwyn y Gwin Slate Quarry; Parry’s Timber Tramway;
Croesor Interlude
WHH No 20 June 2003
Eighty Years Ago (i); Croesor Quarry;
WHR Chronology 1936; Locomotive Numbering; Welsh Highland Photographers;
FR Letter 1923

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