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Journal - Issues 21 to 30

Back issues are available either as photocopies or sometimes as originals.  The format is A4 and the majority of issues are eight pages, though occasionally they stretch to twelve and just once (WHH No. 42) to sixteen pages. 

Prices: -   Nos 1-40 are 1 each,   Nos 41 onward are 2 each.   

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WHH No 21 Sep 2003
1923-2003 Rhyd Ddu Re-opening;
Russell to the Rescue;
FR Loco to the Rescue; The Railway in Administration;
Did Marconi use the NWNGR?;
WHR Chronology 1937; Aberglaslyn Vandalism; Tryfan Junction
WHH No 22 Dec 2003
590 Restoration Plan; Latrines & Urinals; NWNGR Agreements; Ynysfor Halt; Colonel Parry; WHR Chronology 1938; Crests & Garters of the NWNGR; Kerr Stuart Trials; Putting the Record Straight; Staff Illness
WHH No 23 Mar 2004
Listing WHR Structures; G. E. Hughes;
WHR Ganger’s Trolley; Samuel Tanner;
Vanwil Oil Co;
Wart Man; WHR Chronology 1939;
A Plan to Stop the WHR
WHH No 24 June 2004
Collision at Nant Mill; Eighty Years Ago (ii); WHR/FR Loco Roster; WHR Chronology 1940/41; The Baldwin Archives
WHH No 25 Sep 2004
WHHG Plans for WHR Structures;
In the Shadow of the Elephant;
Beddgelert Station in 1923;
Cwm Cloch Saga
WHH No 26 Dec 2004
H. J. Jack;
WHR Chronology 1942; WHR Winter Services 1924/5;
PB&SSR Proposals; From the Audit Office
WHH No 27 Mar 2005
Buffet Car Rebuild; Portmadoc, Beddgelert & Rhyd Ddu Railway;
A Potential SG Interloper; WHR Chronology 1943/44; Bruce Peebles Estimate; What the Guide Books Said; J. W. Szlumper; National Trust & the PB&SSR Embankment; Letters
WHH No 28 June 2005
Plas y Nant Re-opens;
At Your Convenience; Crossing on the Level;
To See Ourselves;
Pitt’s Head Story;
Bruce Peebles Estimate (ii)
WHH No 29 Sep 2005
Beddgelert Pit & Tower Preserved;
PB&SSR Remains 1921; Sunday School Specials; Watering the Goat;
Pitt’s Head Postscript; Bruce Peebles;
 Rubbish Wagons; Ashbury Rly, Carriage & Wagon Co; Rebuilding to Portmadoc 1923
WHH No 30 Dec 2005
Tryfan Junction Proposals;
Moelwyn Tunnel Accident; Crossing the Cambrian; Beddgelert Coal Siding; Harbour Station Coaling Stage;
A Family Affair

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