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Journal - Issues 31 to 40

Back issues are available either as photocopies or sometimes as originals.  The format is A4 and the majority of issues are eight pages, though occasionally they stretch to twelve and just once (WHH No. 42) to sixteen pages. 

Prices: -   Nos 1-40 are 1 each,   Nos 41 onward are 2 each.   

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WHH No 31 Mar 2006
Something Old, Something New;  
NWNG - The Declining Years;
Augustus Krauss
WHH No 32 June 2006
Russell Special;
The Very Last Passenger Train;
Tryfan Junction Update; Vandalism in Snowdonia
WHH No 33 Sep 2006
Cambrian Crossing Concerns;
More History of the PB&SSR (i);
WHR Memories;
Buffet Car Latest
WHH No 34 Dec 2006
11/- a Week!;
Cambrian Crossing; Creasy Embankment; Nant Mill Collision & the NWNG Timetable; Bridge Calculations; More HIstory of the PB&SSR (ii);
Cwm Cloch Lane Bridge
WHH No 35 Mar 2007
Heritage Purchases; WHR Memories;
1922 Works;
Proposed Routes South of Beddgelert;
WHR Couplings; Beddgelert Bookstall; Cwm Cloch Bridge; Beddgelert Trap Point;
Supplement:  Rhyd Ddu to Croesor Junction map
WHH No 36 June 2007
Great Expectations; More on the PB&SSR; The Fire Bar;
Turning WHR Locos; More 1922 Works; Unscheduled Halts;
A Tenuous Tale
WHH No 37 Sep 2007
Beddgelert Memories; 1909 Derailment at Wernlas Ddu;
Goods from Portmadoc, 1925;
Col. Henry Platt; Aberglaslyn Tunnels; Croesor Works 1922
WHH No 38 Dec 2007
Snowdon Mill Turnout Mystery;
Welsh Highland at War; What’s in a Name?;
The Life of Gowrie; Roger Kidner (obit); Buffet Car;
A Scheme is Born; Prince at Snowdon Ranger
WHH No 39 Mar 2008
Douglas Fox Drawings; Iron Ore Mines of Betws & Waunfawr;
Tickets Please;
South Snowdon Station;
Excursions by Gravity; J. E. Simpson (obit); Adventures of John Hughes
WHH No 40 June 2008
NWNG Mystery Coach; Tryfan Junction Update; Tickets Please;
NWNG Carriages;
Bridging the Glaslyn; Gunpowder Plot

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