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Journal - Issues 61 to 70

Back issues are available either as photocopies or sometimes as originals.  The format is A4 and currently  issues are at least 12 pages, often rising to 16 or 20 pages

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WHH No 64 WHH 64a
WHH No 61 Sep 2013
100 years ago: Beddgelert siding II;
Crime on the WHR;
Relaying Croesor Crossing;  More than just a Trident;
RT Griffith - a profile
WHH No 62 Dec 2013
John Keylock;
Berkeley Dean Wise; NWNG Coaches - the prototypes?   Dudley Park Quarry;  What the guidebooks said; PBSSR Electrification; Tryfan Junction Signal Box
WHH No 63 May 2014
John Keylock - a fond farewell;
Tryfan Junction news; Four NWNGR Characters;
NWNGR & WHR Station Chronology
WHH No 64 Sep 2014
Russell Returns!
A history of the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Pt 1;
NWNGR Covered Vans
WHH  64extra Sep 2014
Tryfan Junction judging
WHH No 65
WHH No 66
WHH No 67
WHH No 68
WHH 69
WHH No 65 Dec 2014
Tryfan Junction  shortlisted for award;
Nantmor Copper Mine;
History of NWNGR Pt 2;

WHH No 66 March 2015
Tryfan Junction Award; Col Stephens & WHR;
Staffing Beddgelert;
History of NWNGR Pt 3;
5-Plank Coal Wagons
WHH No 67 June 2015
Beddgelert Water Tower;
Crossing Porthmadog -  1922 thinking;
NWNGR History Pt 4
WHH No 68 Sept 2015
KS 4415 Update;
Of Baldwins & Flanges;
NWNGR History Pt 5;
The Limerick Family

WHH No 69 Dec 2015
Defining Heritage; Pen y Mount Signal Cabin; Hugh Jones, Beddgelert Stationmaster; NWNGR History Pt 6; Beddgelert photo analysis
WHH No 70
WHH No 70 March 2016
Looking Forward; Covered Vans; Passenger Shelters; Signalling the Cambrian Crossing;
More Photo Analysis

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