8th March 2017
Financial statements for 2017 AGM added – see News page
22 Feb 2017
Journal files updated

18th October 2016

“Ghosts of Aberglaslyn” soon to be published.  See News page

6th November 2015
Added several items to News page

2nd October 2015
Added link to the 1906 PBSSO LRO

29th  April 2015
Papers for 2015 AGM added

7th April 2015
Link to Bryngwyn footpath guide added

5th December 2014
Award for Tryfan Junction announced

27th October 2014
Details added of the newly published book “The Bryngwyn Branch” by Dave Southern and John Keylock

30th August 2014
Updated Sales page with details of forthcoming book on Bryngwyn Branch.
Latest Journal files added and Journal pages updated

7th July 2014
Appeals added  for members’ email addresses, and for help on a Hertiage Group stand at Superpower 2014

24th May 2014
Update regardingt Tryfan Junction signal box and  changes to the Committee.  Details of the latest issue of the Journal added and a brief report of the AGM

8th May 2014
Cambrian Crossing box updated

5th April 2014
Notice of AGM added

14th February 2014
Added an announcement regarding the scattering of John Keylock’s ashes

1st January 2014
Added an announcement of Gwynfor Pierce Jones‘s death

12th November 2013
Revised address for Sales added

25th September 2013
Added an announcement of John Keylock‘s death

23rd June 2013
Pictures added of the Cambrian Crossing Box and the Beddgelert Water Tank in their fianl positions

10th May 2013
Pictures of the completed platform extension at Tryfan Junction were added.

30th April 2013
Pictures added of concreting the top of the Beddgelert water tower base

29th April 2013
AGM papers added to News page

11th April 2013
All issues of the Journal except the past eight can now be downloaded

12th March 2013
Issues  29-40 of the Journal are now on line. Pictures added of work on the platform extension at Tryfan Junction and delivery of the replica water tank to Beddgelert

4th March 2013
Issues 21-28 of the Journal are now on line

20th February 2013
Notice of AGM added

25th January 2013
Issues 11-20 of the Journal are now on line

22nd January 2013
Issues 1-10 and 46-50 of the Journal are now available to download as pdf’s. Visit the Journal pages for links. Further issues will be added progressively.

12th January 2013
Added an update on relocating the Cambrian Crossing box

1st November 2012
Added additional links to the Archives page

31st October 2012
Some links corrected.  Caption to photo 9 on Baldwin gallery page corrected

19th September 2012
The fire is relit in Tryfan Junction

4th August 2012
Feature article on the Nantlle Railway added

11th July 2012
Note added about opening of Tryfan Junction during Quarrypower.  Poster  about Beddgelert Water Toweradded

24th June 2012
Further progress at Tryfan Junction and a note for those accessing the FR/WHR material at Gwynedd Archives

18th June 2012
The collection of old photos has now been revised and extended to include a total of 60 photos

8th June 2012
Announcement regarding award of grant for completion of Bryngwyn footpath and restoration of overbridge

6th June 2012
Update added regarding the Beddgelert Water Tower and Ashpit
Amended link to Richard Maund’s web page on WHR in archives

10th May 2012
Report of AGM added,  and a note of latest progress at Tryfan junction

2nd May 2012
Note added regarding cancellation of barbecue at Tryfan Junction

29th April 2012
The redesigned and updated website went live