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Waiting at Beddgelert

Southern exit from Beddgelert, showing
coal siding, footbridge & aqueduct over Goat cutting. 
Beddgelert from the south, showing goods shed,
water tower, station building, & refreshment room
'Palmerston' & 3 coach train of FR stock entering Beddgelert from the south
'590' at Beddgelert with southbound train including  
Toast Rack & Pickering.   'Russell' arrived from Dinas.
'Prince' on station road at Beddgelert
'Prince' on station road at Beddgelert  from opposite side
'590' at the water tower - Beddgelert

'Russell', train & crew at Beddgelert.

'Russell' leaving Beddgelert for Dinas with a heavy train

'Welsh Pony' at Beddgelert
with 2.10pm Portmadoc to Dinas, 
two staff and the station seat.
'Russell' at Beddgelert
with Goronwy Roberts on the footplate
'Moel Tryfan' at the Water Tower at Beddgelert