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Tryfan Junction

'Moel Tryfan' and Pickering coach with 9.45am Dinas to South Snowdon at Tryfan Junction by the signal box
Tryfan Junction - Demolition train to the right, and an observer in the doorway

Demolition train passing Tryfan Junction Tryfan Junction Station at rest
The station from the roadway in 1985 The same place in 2010 - tidied up and fenced
Station from the trackbed in 1985 - slate edging visible Similar angle in 2010
Trackside frontage with shrub and slate edging in 1999
Clearer view in 2010

Copyright: David Allan
Interior of the building
with Ladies and Gents toilets to the left
Original signal cranks, uncovered near the signal box, December  2009
Fragments of the "ladies"  uncovered while digging More parts found, and sited back  in its place of origin!