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Journals – Issues 21 to 30

WHH No 21 Sep 2003

WHH No 21
1923-2003 Rhyd Ddu Re-opening;
Russell to the Rescue;
FR Loco to the Rescue; The Railway in Administration;
Did Marconi use the NWNGR?;
WHR Chronology 1937; Aberglaslyn Vandalism; Tryfan Junction

WHH No 22 Dec 2003

WHH No 22
590 Restoration Plan; Latrines & Urinals; NWNGR Agreements; Ynysfor Halt; Colonel Parry; WHR Chronology 1938; Crests & Garters of the NWNGR; Kerr Stuart Trials; Putting the Record Straight; Staff Illness

WHH No 23 Mar 2004

WHH No 23
Listing WHR Structures; G. E. Hughes;
WHR Ganger’s Trolley; Samuel Tanner;
Vanwil Oil Co;
Wart Man; WHR Chronology 1939;
A Plan to Stop the WHR

WHH No 24 June 2004

WHH No 24
Collision at Nant Mill; Eighty Years Ago (ii); WHR/FR Loco Roster; WHR Chronology 1940/41; The Baldwin Archives

WHH No 25 Sep 2004

WHH No 25
WHHG Plans for WHR Structures;
In the Shadow of the Elephant;
Beddgelert Station in 1923;
Cwm Cloch Saga

WHH No 26 Dec 2004

WHH No 26
H. J. Jack;
WHR Chronology 1942; WHR Winter Services 1924/5;
PB&SSR; Proposals; From the Audit Office

WHH No 27 Mar 2005

WHH No 27

Buffet Car Rebuild; Portmadoc, Beddgelert & Rhyd Ddu Railway;
A Potential SG Interloper; WHR Chronology 1943/44; Bruce Peebles Estimate; What the Guide Books Said; J. W. Szlumper; National Trust & the PB&SSR; Embankment; Letters

WHH No 28 June 2005

WHH No 28
Plas y Nant Re-opens;
At Your Convenience; Crossing on the Level;
To See Ourselves;
Pitt’s Head Story;
Bruce Peebles Estimate (ii)

WHH No 29 Sep 2005

WHH No 29
Beddgelert Pit & Tower Preserved;
PB&SSR; Remains 1921; Sunday School Specials; Watering the Goat;
Pitt’s Head Postscript; Bruce Peebles;
Rubbish Wagons; Ashbury Rly, Carriage & Wagon Co; Rebuilding to Portmadoc 1923

WHH No 30 Dec 2005

WHH No 30
Tryfan Junction Proposals;
Moelwyn Tunnel Accident; Crossing the Cambrian; Beddgelert Coal Siding; Harbour Station Coaling Stage;
A Family Affair