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Journals – Issues 61 to 70


WHH No 61 Sep 2013

100 years ago: Beddgelert siding II;
Crime on the WHR;
Relaying Croesor Crossing; More than just a Trident;
RT Griffith – a profile

WHH No 62 Dec 2013

John Keylock;
Berkeley Dean Wise; NWNG Coaches – the prototypes? Dudley Park Quarry; What the guidebooks said; PBSSR Electrification; Tryfan Junction Signal Box

WHH No 63 May 2014

John Keylock – a fond farewell;
Tryfan Junction news; Four NWNGR Characters;
NWNGR & WHR Station Chronology

WHH No 64 Sep 2014

Russell Returns!
A history of the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Pt 1;
NWNGR Covered Vans

WHH 64extra Sep 2014

Tryfan Junction judging

WHH No 65 Dec 2014

Tryfan Junction shortlisted for award;
Nantmor Copper Mine;
History of NWNGR Pt 2;

WHH No 66 March 2015

WHH No 66
Tryfan Junction Award; Col Stephens & WHR;
Staffing Beddgelert;
History of NWNGR Pt 3;
5-Plank Coal Wagons

WHH No 67 June 2015

WHH No 67
Beddgelert Water Tower;
Crossing Porthmadog – 1922 thinking;
NWNGR History Pt 4

WHH No 68 Sept 2015

WHH No 68
KS 4415 Update;
Of Baldwins & Flanges;
NWNGR History Pt 5;
The Limerick Family

WHH No 69 Dec 2015

WHH No 69
Defining Heritage; Pen y Mount Signal Cabin; Hugh Jones, Beddgelert Stationmaster; NWNGR History Pt 6; Beddgelert photo analysis

WHH No 70 Mar 2016

WHH No 69
Looking Forward; Covered Vans; Passenger Shelters; Signalling the Cambrian Crossing;
More Photo Analysis