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Journals – Issues 1 to 10


WHH No 1 Nov 1997

Waunfawr Station;
WHR Tickets (i);
Station Signs;
Aims of the Group

WHH No 2 Mar 1998

Dinas; 1922;
Spooner Graves;
NWNG Station Buildings; WHR Chronology 1922; WHR Tickets (ii);

WHH No 3 Aug 1998

WHH No 03

NWNG Bridges;
Mystery at Pitt’s Head; Hafod Garregog & Ynysferlas;
WHR Chronology 1923; Bryngwyn Walk; Letters

WHH No 4 Jan 1999

WHH No 04

Caernarvon Extension 1923;
From the Archives; Letters

WHH No 5 June 1999

WHH No 05

NWNG Bridges;
WHR Halts (i);
WHR Chronology 1924; Demolition Trains 1941;
A WHR Memory; Letters

WHH No 6 Oct 1999

WHH No 06

Waunfawr; Tryfan Jctn;
WHR Halts (ii);
WHR Chronology 1925; From the Archives; Some PB&SSR; Observations; WHR Reminiscences;
What the Guide Books Said; NWNG Bridges

WHH No 7 Feb 2000

WHH No 07

Waenfawr Coal Yard;
Goat Hotel Sale 1903; WHR Halts;
WHR Water Tanks;
FR Lease;
WHR Chronology 1926; Inspection Report 1926

WHH No 8 June 2000

WHH No 08

WHR Paperwork;
Glanrafon Quarry;
Gowrie C. Atchison; Portmadoc New Station; South Snowdon Postcard Research;

WHH No 9 Oct 2000

WHH No 09

Return of Russell;
Buffet Car; WHR Chronology 1927;
Tryfan Junction; Letters; Inspection Report 1926

WHH No 10 Dec 2000

WHH No 10

Betws Garmon Bow Bridge;
Of Harps & Buses;
Betws Garmon Sheepdog Trials; WHR Coaches; Vanwil Oil Co;
WHR Chronology 1928; Bryngwyn Goods